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Competitor Benchmarking

With Competitor Benchmarking, you'll have a precise understanding of how you compare in the market.


By comparing your business performance against competitors, you'll understand your unique selling points (USPs) as a brand to direct your marketing strategy, and where your competitors are getting the edge to highlight business opportunities.


In the top 56.6% in local area.

Lunch Performance by Covers


Retention rate above market average.

Customer Retention Rate


Beverage Spend Ratio below local market average (52.8%)

Food to Beverage Spend Ratio

Get X-Ray Vision with Real Market Data

Unlock lost opportunities and optimise your business according to market averages. Our AI models utilise big data to produce real-time competitor benchmarking and market intelligence to provide you the answers to create the most informed AI-powered and data-driven business strategies.

Power your business with vital datapoints:

Data for success

Learn how you can use market intelligence to increase revenue by speaking to our team for a demo.

The deepest restaurant market intelligence available

Working out what to put on your menu shouldn't be guesswork. Get real locally-trending dishes, ingredients, and more to capitalise on market movements.

Trending ingredients, dishes, average lunch covers and more.

Compare with your competition

Lunch covers running slow? It could be a market issue, making data more crucial than ever. With our benchmarking and market analysis, compare to market averages to uncover real business opportunities.

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