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Market Analysis

Market Analysis will give you unprecedented insight into the nuances of shifting public attitudes and behaviours restaurant market.


Keeping up with shifting behaviours in the restaurant market can help restaurant owners stay competitive, meet customer demand, and identify new opportunities for growth.


increase in covers at Indian restaurants in past 30 days

Trending Cuisine


increase in lunch covers in 1km radius

Revenue Opportunity


increase in orders over the past 30 days.

Trending Ingredient

Get X-Ray Vision with Real Market Data

Unlock lost opportunities and optimise your business according to market changes with actionable insights. Our AI models utilise big data to produce real-time competitor benchmarking and market intelligence to provide you the answers to create the most informed data-driven business strategies.

Power your business with vital datapoints:

Data for success

Learn how you can use market intelligence to increase revenue by speaking to our team for a demo.

The deepest restaurant market intelligence available

Working out what to put on your menu shouldn't be guesswork. Get real locally-trending dishes, ingredients, and more to capitalise on market movements.

Trending ingredients, dishes, average lunch covers and more.

Compare with your competition

Lunch covers running slow? It could be a market issue, making data more crucial than ever. With our benchmarking and market analysis, compare to market averages to uncover real business opportunities.

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