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AI Service Optimisation

Deliver the perfect service experience for each individual customer before they even ask. Tailor your interactions to their unique preferences and deliver an unforgettable encounter every time.

Behaviour-Driven Discovery Platform

Connect with potential customers that will become regulars. Our data-driven platform uses behaviour analytics to identify people who are likely to appreciate your venue and its offerings, ensuring they come back again and again.

Benchmarking & Competitor Monitoring

See how your restaurant measures up against those in the surrounding area. Uncover what it takes to increase profits and maximize average spends. Analyze the difference between food-to-beverage ratios, covers per service and leverage data like never before.

Lightweight POS

Provide your team the ultimate tool for efficient and precise order management - no lags and a painless interface. Make way for an effortless workflow on a streamlined POS system right in the thick of floor service chaos.

Real-time Market Analysis

Tap into unparalleled in-depth market intelligence and instantly unlock the power of data to make informed business choices. From trending products and dishes to potential cuisine offerings, discover new ways to maximize profits using up-to-the minute insights.

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